About Us

In 1983, I was living in Westin Hotels from four to eight weeks at a stretch. There was MTV and CNN-only TV, a dorm fridge and round table in my room. Not even a microwave.   I had to bring aspirin, buy bandages. and ask for more blankets. I ate out three times a day. It was a nomadic life that never connected me to the city I was in.  I did it for two years!

Being able to design Cannon House’s apartment size for travelers was ideal.  I like creating an environment for guests that lets them focus on their reason for being here and not buying stuff. I want people to be happy, and it makes me happy to serve them.

Our name comes from the kestrel falcon, known for being committed, reliable and able to accommodate diverse situations/opportunities. That is how we like to do business.

What is that?! It’s a jackfruit!

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“As a single woman I felt very secure there,
and highly recommend Cannon House.”